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13 Ways to Avoid Startup Stress and Anxiety

Much has been written about startup stress here and here and the solution is what Justin Rosenstein of Asana calls a “willful intention with a nonconcern for results”

Despite this problem being seemingly solved, we get posts like My Startup has 30 Days to Live. So here’s some tangential advice:

  1. Every minute spent on something other than your startup is a minute you could blankly stare at your Mac

  2. Exercising is healthy. But eating is even healthier.

  3. Stop reading TechCrunch and any industry news not directly related to your business

  4. Thinking you’re not being productive enough makes you less productive

  5. Impostor Syndrome is a real thing

  6. Go big AND go home; Occasionally.

  7. If you lie, believe it, stand behind it and move on. Saves you time.

  8. Every high has an imminent low. Use every friend, family member, or acquaintance conversation to refuel your social energy and get out of the low ASAP

  9. Sleep on airplanes. Only.

  10. Looking at other startups is like reading People. Waste of time.

  11. Before you doubt something, make sure you had your normal dose of caffeine

  12. Always act like you have infinite money

  13. Listen to this TWiST episode with Jerry Colonna (or watch the Steve Jobs video again)

That’s it for now.


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