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Investing in Healthcare IT

There is a spectre haunting healthcare IT ā€” the specter of investor skittishness.

I am here to tell you they are wrong. Not just because I lead a healthcare IT startup. But because the recent Rock Health report is showing investors shorting healthcare IT.

Supposedly there hasn’t been a billion dollar exit. So VCs hesitate. Which makes it a great time to buy. Why?

  1. Seed stage healthcare IT companies are undervalued.
  2. The current redistribution of revenues in healthcare will have some winners and losers. You want to pick the winners.
  3. Investing in 10 healthcare IT companies is less risky than buying 10 houses. The number of companies is very low and you have a few accelerators vetting and doing all the work for you.
  4. You stand more of a chance of changing the world in a meaningful way than the rest of your portfolio does. That’s got to matter, right?


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