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A Blog Post

A bit behind the curve perhaps, but nonetheless an exciting move for me. Social pressure (“so, what’s your blog?”, “I should check out your blog or something”, “blah blah blah blog”) have warded me off from it long enough.

So why now, in the year so apocalyptically close to 2012?

Like most people, I am not reading as much as I want to. I think reading and writing improves one’s thinking, and I hope that by writing more, I will start writing “better,” and therefore, thinking awesome.

This plan is too good to fail.

Also, I started a podcast and the two go hand in hand (like old people in a park), and it needed a website.

I could have set up some wordpress site in 20 minutes, but I instead hand wrote and designed every bit of it manually with a mixed mediocrity in technologies such as Illustrator, Django, and <insert trendy acronym here>. This effort consumed my brain and sunsets for two months.

‘nuff said. Maybe this should be a microblog (or a yoctoblog).


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