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Om Nom Nomming Our Lives Away

That’s Pickles, the panda responsible for any down-time at the quasi-legal music playing website, grooveshark.com.

This all started with the Cookie Monster’s voracious appetite for cookies on Sesame Street. Find out how “om nom nom” progressed to singing cats and rabbits on the internet here.

There is even a website called omnomnomnom.com, with pictures such as this:

Naturally, the more “nom”s after the “om”, the more enjoyable the act. The same applies to adding an “r” at the very beginning to emphasize the initial bite.

Further, as urbandictionary hints at here, “nomming” has also come to mean kissing or nibbling in a romantic setting.

Perhaps it was the confusion of its use (as well as its correct spelling) that led to the Yelp Austin community outcry, “Can we please kill Nom Nom?”

I think we have a harder time expressing ourselves than ever before, and meaningless interjections such as “rom nom” often come to our rescue.


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